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My Approach

There are a number of words that are important to highlight that I have used throughout this website. Trust is a feeling that is difficult for so many people. You may be thinking, “yep, for sure.” Trust is something that is earned and something that can be broken very easily. Although I acknowledge that trust takes time, my intention is to provide you with ethical mental health treatment and to be someone you can trust. Think about what comes to your mind when you think of trusting someone. Relationship is an important positive bond two people working together should share. You may have experienced only negative relationships in your life. I am now asking you not only to trust me but to be able to develop a healthy relationship with me. One of the main areas in a healthy relationship is communication. I cannot read minds, although sometimes I wish I could. I will ask you to communicate with me about the good and bad stuff. In order for healing to be able to happen, I believe trust and relationships need to be restored. Healing happens when you are able to find peace within yourself. When you can see yourself and not worry what others are thinking. Healing can also happen when you are able to understand where in your body you are feeling stress and holding on to it.  We will create and find a safety within you from which you can grow. Safety can also be a difficult topic, as many of you have lived in spaces where you have never known the feeling of safety. It can be a foreign word. I will help you find your safe place within the world around you. I would love for you to be able to take a deep breath in and a long, slow breath out, feeling the way your body should feel when you have a trusting relationship that offers a safe place for healing to occur. I know that Just Breathe, Heather Kippen, LCSW, PLLC, can provide you with that space. 

I decided to name my business Just Breathe because it is a saying that I love and often use.  Think about how often you thought about breathing today.  This is something I will encourage you to do. Breathing mindfully allows you to take a few moments to yourself to bring your attention to just your breath. This allows you to slow down and stop negative thoughts for a little while.  Oftentimes you can do this without others knowing what you are doing.  I encourage you to start practicing this. It is amazing to feel the control you have over allowing the breath to go in and the breath to go out. Set your intention to Just Breathe your way into finding peace within yourself.

“Success as a therapist is not found in doing something for the client, but rather in being someone for the client.”

Ili Rivera Walter 

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