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About Me

Welcome to my website. My name is Heather Kippen. I am married and have a daughter and son. My fur babies are a Golden Retriever, Dachshund, and German Shorthaired Pointer. I was born and raised in North Dakota. Growing up in a small town, I learned independence and a sense of community. I have lived in different parts of North Dakota. Although I enjoy being a homebody, I do love watching my kids play in the many sports in which they’re involved. Seeing things like trees and mountains, just enjoying nature really, brings me joy.  I have a love for houseplants too. I am patient and enjoy being on the listening side of helping people.

I started my profession of Social Work in 2001. I was a Guardianship Worker for People with Disabilities at Catholic Charities North Dakota. When I decided to move to Minot, I worked at Ward County Social Services doing primarily foster care case management and foster home licensing. I worked at PATH-ND, INC., as the AASK (Adults Adopting Special Kids) Supervisor for Western ND. An opportunity came available and I moved to North Central Human Service Center. There I worked as an Assistant Regional Representative and after I completed my master’s degree, I moved into the Counseling Department. In August 2014, I became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with the State of North Dakota. I also worked at the Northern Plains Children’s Advocacy Center providing therapy services. From 2015 - 2019, I was also doing private practice part-time. In April 2019, I decided it was time to do private practice full-time. You may ask, why did she give us all her resume? Well, each of the places I have worked gave me insight and education on how to care for people. It is a part of how I got where I am at today. Child Welfare will always be something I am passionate about. I found that supervising people was not my path and that seeing people individually is more of the journey I should be on. 

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