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We're on this journey together ...

The primary focus I have when you come into my office is to build a relationship with you. I know therapy is not easy and it is difficult to make the decision to come and see someone. I want to earn your trust, so when you share the information that is causing you things like pain, stress, sadness or worry, you know I am listening. My goal is for you to feel comfortable in being open with your feelings, knowing that you can trust me to be respectful, and working hard to find ways for you to work through your stressors in a healthy way. I do not judge people as I believe everyone has a story. I have experienced my own losses, trauma, and deaths by suicide. I do not believe anyone’s trauma is worse than another’s, as we experience it through our own set of eyes and it is ours. My goal is to walk beside you while you are on the journey to find a more healthy you. I will meet you where you are and give you a gentle push when needed to help you through your journey. I won’t rush you through your process. I believe we carry energy within us. When the energy is negative, it starts to consume us. I want to provide you with ways to break away from the negative and be able to see there are positive things around you. My hope is you will be able to feel the shift in your body and the freedom to feel healthy and free.  Self-care will be encouraged throughout your journey.



988 crisis hotline


north central human service center 24.7 crisis


national suicide prevention hotline


national alliance

on mental illness


national child traumatic stress network

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